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Carnelian Royal Scarab Necklace

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Crystal Stones

This neck adornment represents an  important symbols of rebirth and resurrection

Handmade in India, 17.7inch around neck, 

Necklace 14kt gold fill

Brass Scarab

Carnelian is often used in meditation and spiritual practices, as it is believed to enhance spiritual growth and deepen one's connection with inner self and higher realms.

Turquoise has a rich history of being associated with protection, healing, success, and good fortune. It is believed to promote positive energy, assist with communication, enhance creativity, and bring balance and spiritual grounding.
Moonstone power can
nourish, give passion, and awaken your feminine energies. It can heal and guide you to your inner path.

Lapis Lazuli is for royalty, strength and courage, wisdom and intellect, friendship and truth. From antiquity, lapis lazuli has been worn in the belief that it will ward off evil. In ancient Egypt, it was powdered and worn about the eyes to improve eyesight. this is MAAT’s stone!

Wearing rose quartz enhances its ability to connect with your heart chakra, promoting feelings of love and compassion. It improves relationships, encourages self-acceptance, and boosts confidence. Many also believe that it can attract new love or deepen existing relationships.

 Gold is reminiscent of luxury, success, achievement, triumph, royalty, and fortune

BRASS is the metal that brings out natural good and inner truth.