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Welcome to 3rd I Boutique, an adornment and aromatherapy boutique dedicated to self-awareness, self-care, and mental health. We offer handmade healing jewelry, essential oils, incense, and cultural adornments from around the world. Our collections include bracelets, necklaces, earrings, bindis, and wellness tools, all designed to enhance your well-being through sight, smell, and cultural expression. Visit our website to explore our diverse range of products crafted for your holistic wellness journey.

Incense stick burning


Burning incense is a form of wellness and self-care. Incense brings a state of mind to your home or work place, offering meditation, relaxation or just simply an aroma that brings happiness.

  • Chakra Bracelet in Copper
  • Our handmade healing jewelry will assist with aligning your chakras. Shop for you, yours, and the little ones too!

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  • Triple Goddess | Copper