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Karma Incense Sticks

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This incense blend invites a refreshing aura that promotes positive thought and action. This blend is known to help settle the mind, body and spirit. 

Made in India

15 grams

Browse the cone incense burners' collection to select the one that fits in with your interior decor.


Every action generates a force of energy.

When we choose actions that bring happiness and success to others, the fruits of our (Action) is also happiness and success.

Suggested Karma Affirmations

🪬I am respected as I respect others.
🪬 What I give out returns to me.
🪬 I am grateful that I naturally attract positive karma and positive vibes.
🪬 My karma is always improving and getting better and better now.
🪬I am grateful that I have now paid off all my karmic debts, now and in the future